Domestic Facilities

Domestic Facilities

Best quality Domestic Facilities at H-One Co. Ltd.

We are the foremost manufacturers and suppliers of Under Body Framework parts for the Automobiles industry. We provide various facilities that are totally unique and different from other facilities that we provide. We are the supreme manufacturers of dies for the Automobile industries. We also maintain the Die infrastructure. Our facilities include the State of art Weld shop having all facilities such as Portable spot, Stationery Spot, Projection and Mig welding.

What do our Domestic Facilities provide?

Our company has a specialized set of Die engineering equipment, which can produce a wide variety of dies. We also have designing capabilities and a highly skilled manpower trained in Japan. High-tech and latest robots are used for critical welding to achieve the consistency and rule out the human error.

Our Domestic Facilities include

  • Die Manufacturing Facilities
  • Die Maintenance
  • Weld Line
  • Small Press Line
  • Transfer Press
  • Tandem Press Line
  • Progressive Press Machine
Domestic Facilities