Scope of Production


In the stamping field H-one has installed fast , high functional and high pressure presses to keep up with more adoption of extra –high strength steel , diversification and complication of processing shapes.

H-ONE Products are Manufactured in Following Flow

1.Raw Material Receiving

Raw material coming from suppliers in coil , ctl and blank form ,raw material vehicle unload and raw material kept in raw material storage area. Raw material storage area fix as per line wise .

This grey color large toilet paper type chunk is actually a coil of thin steel plate which is used as raw material in production. In the overview these all look like same, but depending on the car model and its destination, and part to be use, they have different specification for their width, thickness, chemical & physical

2.Blanking Process

The first stage is blanking which is done on 250t prg machine. Blanking is a process of stamping in which given a shape as per size and shape of final parts.

3.Stamping Process

After the blanking process on prg machine blank feed to line wise for further process . H-one gnu have three tdm lines (1000t to 315t ) and one transfer press (1500t) and small tandem line (200t to 150t) for stamping process.

4.In-Process Inventory

In process inventory is efficiently stored in moving pallet rack warehouse .H-one planning for optimum quantities of material at all stages in the production cycle and techniques which ensure the availability of planned inventories .Production management system is software.
After stamping final part move to ppc child part storage area with proper identification and ppc department feed these child part feed to weld line for make comp assembly.

5.Welding Process

Automobile frame components are made with different shapes & sized stamped parts which are joined together by welding process resulting into complete single product for the customer.


After completion of the part, final inspection of the part is done by human eyes ,even though electrical & mechanical sensor are available for detecting the problems and after that part is ready for the shipment.

6.Dispatch (Shipment)

Daily supply the parts through truck to different customer pursue the matching supply with demand. Since our product is large and has complex shape, it is not possible to load up on single bed .Therefore multiple truck depart to different customer factories for each shipment.