Productivity at H-One Co. Ltd.

Our whole productivity is a combination of Manufacturing technology and Engineering science. Our production engineers have a wide knowledge of engineering practices and are aware of the management challenges related to the production. Our high-grade productivity leads us towards becoming one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of good quality framework parts of Automobiles from Japan.

Use of quality raw materials

During the production, we create products using the quality and unique designs and careful planning. This process is quite long and incorporates everything from the initial use of raw materials to the final products. Because of this technology, less time is being consumed. In this way, our productivity keeps on rising and getting better.

What are the factors that affect our productivity?

  • Technical factors
  • Production factors
  • Organizational factor
  • Personnel factors
  • Finance factors
  • Management factors
  • Government factors
  • Location factors

Scope of Production

We perform the conversion of inputs into outputs using the physical resources so as to provide the desired utilities to the customer. Our Scope of production is not limited instead it is very vast. It's all about our production management which works with effectiveness, efficiency and adaptability.

Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy is very simple. We are committed to supply quality products to satisfy customers and meet demands of the society by implementing quality management system, aiming at continuous improvement and providing a healthy environment.