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Die Manufacturing Facilities

The company has a specialized set of Die engineering equipments, which can produce a wide variety of dies. CNC machines are of Okuma make, which have the capacity to precisely handle jobs up to 4000mm x 2000mm. Other dedicated machines are Die Spotting, Band Saw, Lathe, Radial Drilling, Power Hacksaw, Surface Grinder, TIG and ARC Welding. We also have designing capabilities through highly skilled manpower trained in Japan.

Weld Line

State of art Weld shop having all facilities such as Portable spot, Stationery Spot, Projection,Stud & Mig welding. Latest robots are used for critical weldingto achieve consistency and ruleout human error.

The company has foolproof production systemsusing Welding Jigs and Inspectionfixtures. We commit 100% qualityguarantee for our products through quality managementsystems through skilled manpower trainedin Japan.

We have installed new weld line for two wheeler business with20 Nos. of Stationary nut weldingmachines by Denyo Kogyo, Japan.

We also have latest quality checking equipments such as vectron machineto achieve high accuracy.

Small Press Line

We have Light press Machine line with 6 Small press Machines one of 200 Tons and 5 are of 150 Tons made by komatsu Japan with Table size of 1250 mm x 800mm presses having high efficiency upto 50 SPM. Die height up to 450mm can be used.

Die Maintenance

International Standard facilities for repair and maintenance of press dies and tools. In-house die maintenance facilities are manned by Japanese experts and Indian Professionals trained in Japan.

Transfer Press

We have a fully automated transfer Press AIDA make from Japan Features of Transfer Press are 1500 Tons capacity. Table size 5500 mm x 2200 mm, Die height up to 1180 mm, High efficiency up to 25 SPM, consisting of 5 Dies at a time, Double moving Bolster, 99 Type of component programming, Fully automated with high quality efficiency.

Tandem Press Line

To deal with each and every shape & material, the company from AIDA & KOMASTSU, Japan. Tandem line comprising of one 1000 ton, one 800 ton, five 400 ton & one 250 ton presses. Each press having two moving bolsters with automatic change over and double cushion bed. Die size upto 2750 mm x 1700 can be used to meet promptly the expectation of the customers, We are also using high tensile material to make car body light.

Progressive Press Machine

We also have installed a Progressive Press Machine. It is a high quality machine made by Komatsu Japan. It is 200 Tons, Self feeding Machine, having 20-40 SPM, Die height upto 540 mm and Bed Size 2500 mm x 1300.