Group Message

Group Message

H-one always has our dreams highly and continues running towards the fulfillment of our dreams. H-one’s dream is filled with all the associate’s aspirations. Therefore no one doubts the realizability.

We believe that all our dreams will come true if we all work together to make every effort to pursue them. And we think without this desire, the growth of the company is not possible.

Our vision in 2030 named “Be a Value Creator”-“To Build H-one’s Brand” is progressing now.

Which means we are aiming to be recognized as a supplier to produce H-one’s brand frame of high quality, light weight, high rigidity and high durability not only by advancing differentiation with the other companies with the highest quality and technology in the world but also by promoting the business with the group who have strong will and passion. And, we are also aiming to be the company that our frame will be desired by the auto manufacturers and the end users worldwide.

Our products are mainly behind the scenes, enhancing safety and environments. In addition, our long-term accumulation of technologies contributes largely to making a better next-generation vehicle.

After the 1980s, the automobile industry has been driven by globalization. We established our first U.S. base in 1984 and now have more than 10 overseas bases in North America, Asia, and Europe. Our technology and quality developed over a long period of time and the spirit of monozukuri (to manufacture high-quality products) protect the safety of people worldwide and reduce the environmental burden.

We will contribute to the worldwide motorized society further more by H-one’s frame in the future and experience a irreplaceable joy of that to push forward with the fulfillment of our dreams.